PayForAResearchPaper.Com – 3.5 years, when they wanted to eliminate us from the political life and tried to steal our identity.

Authors expertise cite the completion of the analysis of another piece of the position of the German government presented the Bundestag 13 October 1999 year: “After downloading reparations, loss of territory and property, after more than 50 years since the end of the war and the signing of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany (the so-called. Treaty “2 + 4″), the German government sees the main political goal of its activities in addressing the challenges of the future in the framework of international peace policy. ” The authors caution that their opinion is based on professional literature and media reports, it does not contain the analysis of the documents produced by both governments (Polish and German), which is necessary in order to present the actual state of legal relations. Agreement came after several days of denying participation of South Korean journalists to operate the closure of military training, which is to take place between Wednesday and Friday – notes the agency Kyodo. As reported South Korean Ministry. Unification, North Korea accepted a list of selected journalists to support the closure of the nuclear facility.

According to the ministry, journalists flew to the area on the east coast of the North Korean city of Wonsan aboard the South Korean government plane. North Korea has agreed to arrive the day after a group of about 20 foreign reporters, including China and the US, he came to Wonsan chartered flight. Although South Korean journalists were in Beijing to join colleagues from other countries, North Korea did not respond until Tuesday at Seoul’s efforts to submit a list with the names of journalists through a communication channel in the truce village of Panmunjom – gives Kyodo. Without the required entry visas, which were dealt with at the Embassy of North Korea. Beijing, journalists were unable to board the plane prepared by the authorities in Pyongyang. Proving Punggje-ri is a place where North Korea. Carried out all its previous nuclear tests, since 2006, the most powerful in this test also roku.zobacz September 2017: Journalists will close the nuclear test site in North Korea »North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has announced the closure of military training in Punggje-ri with the participation of foreign media during a historic summit with the president of South Korea.

Mun Dze Inem on 27 April. Invitations for the event were given a few editorial offices in the US, the UK, South Korea., China and Russia. Given the time it takes to travel to Punggje ri from the city of Wonsan, where is the press center for foreign journalists, the elimination of the polygon, if you will, probably will be held after Thursday – Kyodo notes. It is expected that the journalists will need more than 10 hours on a special train journey to reach the object. Despite recent easing of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang recently held high-level dialogue with Seoul because of joint military maneuvers South Korea. and the United States. North Korea threatened that it may revoke a historic summit of Kim with US President Donald Trump, scheduled for June 12 in connection with the statements adviser. National security of US President John Bolton, who estimated that North Korea.

Must first carry out denuclearization before it can count on any gratification from the US. Washington demanded complete and irreversible denuclearization of Pyongyang. Kim has previously suggested that a condition for nuclear disarmament is to stop “hostile policy” of the United States against his country. President Trump said Tuesday that his meeting with the leader of North Korea, scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, may be delayed. Trump added that “it would be great”, if it came to the top, but stipulated that must be met certain conditions.

Otherwise – as warned – “we will not have a meeting.” He stressed that “must come to denuclearization,” North Korea. He added that if it does not come to the summit, “it also will be OK.” Trump spoke in this way before the meeting at the White House with the president Dze South Korea Mun Inem, who came to Washington to discuss strategy for negotiations with North Korea. Before the summit in Singapore. The US president noted that preparations for the summit will be continued, and he believes that Kim “seriously” thinking about giving up nuclear weapons. Kosiniak- Kamysz stressed in an interview with PAP that the start of the PSL in the EP elections in the framework of the European Coalition opens his group to the new environment and new voices that PSL would not get going under their own banner. “I think for example of the people who said to me: + zaglosowalbym the PSL, but you are on the verge of electoral threshold, and I do not want to waste the voice, I want to vote for the party that will surely get a good result +. And now it is much more likely. the result of the European Coalition for sure will be good. Do you win, we will fight for it, “- he stressed Kosiniak- Kamysz.

PSL leader assured that is not afraid of the values ??and identity of his party. “We have the values ??and identity to keep a frontal attack upon the past 3.5 years, when they wanted to eliminate us from the political life and tried to steal our identity. Do not let that happen to our values ??and identity lose – stressed Kosiniak- Kamysz. “We survived the storm, I think the most difficult moment for us. I do not feel that the decision of the European Commission co-creation disappoints some big body in the PSL, among our members or sympathizers. Of course, not everyone is happy with this decision, but now is determination and hard work. Summary will be May 26, “- said the politician.

Inquired about the PSL activists who express dissatisfaction with the decision deputy Eugeniusz Klopotek, who said that in the autumn parliamentary elections, the PSL should compete under their own banner, if it wants to survive, said Kosiniak- Kamysz that the PSL is a democratic party and in contrast to other formations nobody nobody asks for occupying his position. “we had some interesting debate before the European Coalition. During the Supreme Council of the 86 people voted in favor of accession to the EC, only 8 people were against. So it is a significant advantage, “- said the leader of the PSL. Kosiniak- Kamysz stressed that the deputy Eugeniusz Klopotek also expressed his opinion on this issue.” But today we know that we start in the Coalition European and democratically – and we respect democracy – was this decision taken “- said the head of the PSL. he added that Eugene Klopotek wife, Agnes Klopotek starts with the letter of the European Coalition.” what I am very glad, because Agnieszka is a great Klopotek provincial councilor of unquestionable strength puncture. There is no better proof of the involvement in this campaign than supporting his wife “- he stressed Kosiniak- Kamysz. Inquired whether the outcome of the European elections will determine that the parliamentary elections in the PSL also join the European Coalition, Kosiniak- Kamysz said, that takes into account every eventuality. “We are always ready for self-starting, we are one of the few political parties that are able to independently take off” – said the leader of the PSL. “The result of May elections will be important, but it will not be the only premise that will decide how to go in the fall elections,” – he added Kosiniak- Kamysz. (PAP) by Edith Ros Guests in the radio broadcast Saturday Troika were asked whether they join the parliamentary group, whose chairman was PiS deputy Arkadiusz Mularczyk. “It is very necessary team to carry out analysis and support the government in these actions, which will in this case undertook. The team can join any MP.

And indeed it will be a test for the position, if he wants to talk, he wants to work on it, or reprimanding contests with rules about what you should be just Poland “- said Sasin.zobacz also appointed parliamentary team. war reparations from Germany» In his opinion, “it is important that we all liked.” “The main thing is that we also look after the Polish interests. And the government of Law and Justice of the Polish interests simply want to take care of” – he stressed. Also, according to presidential spokesman Krzysztof Lapinski, the sovereign right of Members is setting up teams, as they consider appropriate. “Ideally, this team was partisan, because it shows the importance of the matter and shows that in the Sejm is unity on this issue. On the other hand generally at the reparations can see that this issue is not closed on one flick, because someone has request. only issue will be faced, because the Polish government has probably taken any decisions that the matter should be lifted, “- said Lapinski. In his opinion, “if we raise this issue, you must do everything possible to raise it effectively.” According to Raphael Grupinskiego (PO), the establishment of such a team is a “bad idea and propaganda.” “Polish interest today is to act as the best possible relations with Germany as our main ally in the European Union, still, despite the behavior of the current government and not spoiling international relations. Also, not invoking doubts about at all any treaties after the war, because if we spoke on reparations in such a way propaganda, not-diplomatic lobbying, discreet momentum interstate, we call demons of doubt. expelled wake movements in Germany, will be asked questions about the so-called. western lands “- said Grupinski. He added that in his opinion, one of the deputies to the PO will not join this team.

Stanislaw Tyszka (kukiz’15) believes that if such a team is to discuss the issue of war reparations, it should be non-partisan in nature. “Creating this team by deputies of Law and Justice – has not yet heard about the invitation for other clubs – it seems to me not the best move. In general, I wonder if the legislature here is the competent authority. This is the domain of the executive branch – the first, and after the second (…) this kind of thing should be first on the road unofficial negotiations between the Polish government and Germany, “- he said. And he added, “does not necessarily have to do with this matter, which is divided at this point and opinion in Poland and spoils our relations with our allies” .See also Czarnecki: Election results in France and Germany have shown that we should not criticize Polish » Barbara Dolniak (Modern), warned that rising team “did not share any money – because they do not yet have in your pocket.” “I did not create that atmosphere that only spoil our relations with Germany, and anything into that pocket we can not. Common sense and prudence in every action,” – she said. In turn, according to Jaroslaw Kalinowski (PSL) was a time when you could put this issue effectively. “Today, the topic is, evokes a lot of emotion. However, according to me Smolensk runs out of fuel, you have to give new fuel, just to take people” – rating.

The first meeting of the team is to be held at the next meeting of the Sejm, scheduled for October 10-13. Mularczyk PAP said on Friday that the team is open. “We see that the position of the opposition is on the whole negative; at the moment, the team signed up PiS MPs, but of course people who want to support us, can save him” – he said. On Thursday, the Regional Court in Warsaw continued the process. Subsequent witnesses testified. In 2014. SO he sentenced 39-year-old Mariusz B. today to life in prison.

He was found guilty of the murder of four people: a husband and daughter of his mistress (2006.), A participant in the course of dance that dancing with her (in 2007). And the priest (in 2008)., Which had ruled molest B. SO that B can apply for parole after 40 years of punishment. Christopher R. was sentenced to nine years in prison for helping B at covering traces of the crime. SO ordered the accused 50 thousand. zl for the widow and daughters of one of the victims. “The case is also unusual because, among others, because it provides a false alibi for the accused wife and mother of the victims, which from the beginning of the defendants solidarity” – said at the time the prosecutor in the SO. Przemyslaw Nowak.

Margaret D. formally was injured and in the process established in the role of prosecutor (such as families of other victims), but does not appear in court and does not enjoy the rights prosecutor. SO she concluded her testimony as a witness for false and notified the prosecutor’s office – the investigation in this case was suspended until a final judgment against B. The defense requested an acquittal of the defendants. B. The then defense attorney. John Wozniak said that if in the process poszlakowym though there is a shadow of doubt, this can not be convicted, because the court must be “101 per cent. Certainty.” In 2014.

SO he concluded that, although not found any bodies of the victims, the fault B. “beyond doubt”, as witness the interrelated indirect evidence. In the grounds of the judgment the judge Marek exchanged among Celej B. The initial admission of guilt, billing phone calls to the card B. and his accomplice testimony of friends and families of the victims and the opinion of the psychological, as well as osmologiczna. According to the SO it was not a typical case circumstantial, because initially the suspects pleaded guilty, with the then withdrew. “The accused in a sophisticated and ruthless took the lives of four people” – said the judge Celej. Part of the evidence was implicit protection for morality; for this reason, some of the threads of the case the judge disregarded oral justification. B. met and married Margaret D. Zbigniew as an altar and lived in them – SO opinion “there was a kind of triangle.” Then the woman left her husband and moved in with B., who was the father of her second daughter.

According to the prosecution, in April 2006. B. D. Zbigniew abducted and forced him to sign a $ 2 million zl insurance policy for his wife. A few days later he again abduct D. and his 18-year-old daughter Alexandra and strangle them in the vicinity of Monterey. The judge said that the motive was “the accumulation of negative emotions for the pathological B system” between him and married D. Alexander could fall victim to murder, he came into conflict with his mother – decided SO. According to SO 55-year-old Henry he died S., B. I felt envious of the “gallant gentleman”, and also counting on getting his money.

It forced S. before his death to provide ATM card PIN numbers and tried to extort from his family 50 thousand. zl. According to the Rev. SO murder. Peter Sz. was the motivation of “retaliation for sexual exploitation.” Experts, psychologists have found in B. psychopathic personality, a tendency to lie (eg indicated. Police alleged hiding place of the body, where it was recovered them), guilt and low tendency to impose on others their will.

Celej added that B. has “above average intelligence”. There is no perfect crime, one can not escape responsibility, even in the absence of bodies and signs, and is allegedly a strong alibi – said the judge. “Errors is the road to truth” – this quote from Dostoyevsky judge stressed that the B.